Service Methods


Our services cover specific rule analyses and specialty testing services such as low-level environmental analysis of ambient air, landfill gas and source testing determinations.

SCAQMD  Method 25C    determination of nonmethane organic compounds (nmoc) in landfill

SCAQMD EPA Method 3C  determination of carbon dioxide,methane, nitrogen, and oxygen from stationary sources O/2/N2 analysis by TCD

SCAQMD EPA Method 25.1   determination of total gaseous non-methane organic emissions as carbon provide and analyze 25.1 tray for CO, CO2, CH4 and TGNMO. plus CO2 in trap condensable icv

SCAQMD EPA Method 25.3   determination of low concentration non-methane non-ethane organic compound emissions from clean fueled combustion sources and CH4, CO2/O2 in summa canister and TOC in water vial

Permanent Gases    methane, CO2, oxygen and nitrogen by chromatograph-thermal conductivity (GC/TCD)

ASTM D1945  analysis of natural gas by gas chromatography

ASTM D3588   calculating heat value, compressibility factor, and relative density of gaseous fuels

EPA Method-18  measurement of gaseous organic compound emissions by gas chromatography detailed hydrocarbon speciation my FID/GC C1-C6 or C1-C13

SCAQMD 1150-1   analysis of 1150.1 table 1 components carcinogenic and toxic air contaminants by GC/MS + H2S

EPA Method TO-12  method for the determination of non-methane organic compounds (nmoc) in ambient air using cryogenic preconcentration and direct flame ionization detection (PD FID)

EPA Method TO-14   determination of volatile organic compounds (vocs) in ambient air using SUMMA canisters with subsequent analysis by gas chromatography

EPA Method TO-15  determination of volatile organic compounds (vocs) in air collected in SUMMA canisters and analyzed by gas chromatography/ mass spectrometry (GC/MS)

SCAQMD Method 307-91    determination of sulfur in a gaseous matrix

H2S   analysis of hydrogen sulfide by Hall GC in oxidative sulfur mode

BTXE   analysis of benzene, toluene, xylenes, ethylbenzene by FID/GC or GC/MS 1,3-butadiene   analysis of 1,3-butadiene by GC/MS

Acetone     analysis of acetone by FID/GC

Acrylonitrile    analysis of acrylonitrile by GD/MS

Benzene   analysis of benzene by GC/MS

Siloxanes    semi-quantitive and quantitive analysis of Siloxanes

CO   analysis of carbon monoxide by FID/TCA

C2    C2 speciated, including ethane, ethane by FID/GC

Perchloroethene   analysis of Perchloroethylene by FID/GC or GC/MS

H2   analysis of Hydrogen by TCD/GC

Helium   analysis of Helium by TCD/GC

Method 410 A     Determination of benzene from stationary sources

MTBE   analysis of MTBE by FID/GC or GC/MS
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