About Us

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AtmAA, Inc. was formed in 1988 and is located in Calabasas, CA.  The company provides environmental consulting and laboratory services related to air quality measurement, permitting, and monitoring program design.

Michael L. Porter and Dr. Kochy Fung are the company’s principals.  They are supported by a staff of five. Mr. Porter has 36 years of professional experience in the environmental field.  Thirteen years were spent with the L.A. County Air Pollution Control District and the South Coast Air Quality Management District.  While at the District, Mr. Porter performed laboratory analyses on air quality samples in support of District Rules.  Mr. Porter helped design and develop analytical techniques to measure air toxics related to District permitting and Enforcement Rules, the California Calderon Law and the District’s Landfill Rule 1150.1.  Mr. Porter co-authored an EPA/District sponsored publication entitled “Hazardous Pollutants in Class II Landfills” which described the District’s sampling and analytical approach to accessing landfill gas composition, gas migration, and destruction in combustion devices.  Mr. Porter has 23 years of professional experience in the private sector as an environmental consultant, 21 years are with AtmAA, Inc.

Dr. Fung has over 40 years of research and analytical experience.  His research areas include sea water desalination, pharmacokinetics, and in the last 32 years, measurements of trace pollutants, acidic deposition, and air toxics in the environment.  He has developed a variety of techniques for monitoring hydrocarbons and oxygenated hydrocarbon species, PAN, PBzN, formaldehyde and other carbonyl species, as well as organic acids.  He has also developed a method for the speciation of ambient carbonaceous aerosols, and investigated artifacts associated with the sampling of carbonaceous particles and polynuclear aromatic hydrocarbons in ambient air.  His methods and research findings have been published in peer-reviewed scientific journals.  Dr. Fung’s professional environmental work experience includes 13 years as technical director at a major private sector environmental consulting firm before forming AtmAA as now constituted.  Dr. Fung is a highly respected scientist with expertise in air quality measurements.

AtmAA’s Business Areas

AtmAA provides high quality, specialized laboratory analysis work in the areas of air monitoring and source test sampling.  The private sector provides all of AtmAA’s work which may be derived directly or indirectly from government regulatory agency requirements on industry.  Air toxics consulting and measurement services are provided for environmental consulting, engineering, construction, waste management, utility, oil, and gas producers in the private sector.  Data gathered by sampling and measurement programs are usually used for modeling, risk assessment, permitting and compliance.

AtmAA has provided specialty measurements for major, multi-discipline air quality programs that are funded primarily by government agencies and also supported by trade associations.  Dr. Fung has long been a contributor to these unique measurement programs by providing the technical expertise necessary for data gathering at multiple, remote sites for components such as aldehydes, speciated volatile hydrocarbons, PAN, acid deposition components, carconaceous species and many others.

AtmAA, Inc. is a private and independent commercial laboratory specialized in air measurement, sampling, and analysis techniques.  Approximately 80% of AtmAA’s business comes from private sector accounts while the remaining 20% is from government agencies.


AtmAA is located in a 5,400 sq.ft. stand alone building.  The space is used for laboratory sample analysis, sample handling, sample container storage and preparation, for offices, a maintenance shop, and warehouse.  AtmAA possess customized state-of-the art laboratory analysis equipment for performing analyses of volatile organics, permanent gases, and total organics in water samples.  AtmAA’s equipment list includes a variety of customized gas chromatographs equipped with gas valve sample injection, select column switching, and a variety of detector choices:

GC/Mass spectrometers: Hewlett-Packard/Agilent 5971, 5972 MSD, and Shimadzu QP5000.

GC with auto sampler and FID, PID, OID: HP5880A.

GC’s with PID, electron capture, FID: HP5890 Series II.

GC’s with FID: Shimadzu GC-17A.

GC with Hall electrolytic conductivity detector: Varian 1400.

GC’s with thermal conductivity detector: HP 5700.

GC with nitrogen/phosphorous selective detector: Varian 2100.

TCA’s (total combustion analyzers) for performing M25 measurements: AtmAA custom  fabricated.

High temperature, carbon analyzers: Dohrmann DC-52.

high pressure liquid chromatographs with auto sampler, UV/VIS: Shimadzu LC-6A.

Automated data acquisition systems: Shimadzu Class-VP, CR4A, CR5A, Hewlitt-Packard

Laboratory Data Acquisition software and HP integrators.

Vacuum Heated canister cleaning and preparation system, custom constructed.

Automated multi-channel samplers for carbonyls and VOC’s.


AtmAA, Inc. before incorporation was known as Atmosphere Assessment Associates founded in the mid 1988’s by two environmental analytical chemists, Mr. Michael L. Porter and Dr. Kochy Fung.  Our mission is to provide and deliver an unsurpassed degree of service and quality through dedication, commitment, and innovation in a timely, cost-effective manner.

Our dedicated and skilled professional staffs provide environmental and laboratory services in air quality measurements, permitting and consulting.

As one of the most respected laboratories in California, we continue to reinforce and earn recognition for outstanding services.  We provide a single point of contact within our laboratory to serve your needs, arrange sample pickup, customized data deliverables (electronic and hard copy) and periodic informational technical seminars.

We strive to offer clients a range of value-added services rarely available now in the commercial environmental laboratory market.

Physical Location

AtmAA, Inc. is located at 23917 Craftsman Road, Calabasas, CA 91302 in a 5,200 square foot building.  The facility and equipments are dedicated to air analyses according to SCAQMD, CARB, EPA and other agency approved methodologies.  The laboratory is an air analysis laboratory with four (4) GC/MS systems, eight (8) GC systems equipped with various detectors, two (2) custom TCA/FID systems, and one (1) Dorhman TOC analyzer.