AtmAA Inc.

Our Services                                                                                                           

We provide air toxics consulting and analytical testing to environmental consulting, engineering, construction, waste management, public utility, and oil companies

Expert Analytical Laboratory

AtmAA possess customized state-of-the-art laboratory analysis equipment for performing analyses of volatile organics, permanent gases, total organics in water samples and sulfur compounds.

Specific Rule Analysis

Our facility and equipments are dedicated to air analyses according to SCAQMD, CARB, EPA and other agency approved methodologies

  • SCAQMD 25.1                                                                                                            waste-methane-landfill-electricity-generation
  • SCAQMD 25.3
  • SCAQMD 307-91
  • ASTM 1945
  • EPA Method TO-15
  • EPA Method 18

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